Stainless Steel Pendants & Necklace

Pendants can be transformed from love or rounded rectangle.

Pendant's size while in love shape (Width x Height x Thickness): 
2.7CM x 2.4CM x 0.4CM

PROD. CODE: LOVECUFM(Blue Male), LOVECUFG(Blue Female), LOVECUFL(Silver Male), LOVECUFH(Silver Female)

Pendant's size for a male handcuff (Width x Height x Thickness): 
1.9CM x 2.3CM x 0.3CM
Pendant's size for a female handcuff (Width x Height x Thickness): 
1.5CM x 1.8CM x 0.3CM

PROD. CODE: STNCK(316 Stainless Steel), BLKNK(Black Necklace)

Necklace's full length for STNCK: 
53CM , pendant rest on your upper chest.
Necklace's full length for BLKNK: 
45CM , pendant rest right below your neck.

Stainless Steel Pendants MYR28
Stainless Steel Necklace MYR29.90
Black Necklace MYR5.90

All pendant are 316 stainless steel. All pendants and necklaces are unisex.

How to place order for these items:
Step 1. Choose your pendant
Step 2. Choose your necklace 

Pendants: RM28 Each

1. Quality 316 Stainless Steel Necklace STNCK: RM29.90 
2. Black Necklace BLKNK: RM5.90

This batch of accessories doesn't come in set. If you only need the pendant, then you can just order the pendant without the necklace. On the other hand, if you only need the necklace, you can just buy the necklace.